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What is Greek-o-File ?
Greek-o-File independent publications are collections of informative &
entertaining articles & anecdotes for people who are interested in :
- Greece & her islands
- Greek life, traditions & people
- Greek food & cooking
- Greek history & mythology
- Greek language, music & books on Greece
- advice on living in Greece
- experiences of others on holiday or living in Greece
Writing with a personal touch for those who love Greece & all things Greek - our publications include articles from the editors and fellow Grecophiles.  Greek-o-File is operated more as a club for like-minded people to share their love of Greece, than as a publisher (ie sadly non-profitable).  
In short, Greek-o-File is for Grecophiles.

Are you a ‘Greekophile’ ?
- If you love Greece for its ‘Greekness’, its difference from other places you’ve been;
- If you’ve felt compelled to return to the same special place in Greece, or to sample other parts;
- If you enjoy lazing on Greek beaches, swimming in crystal clear waters, watching the world go by from a taverna, exploring along donkey tracks or village streets,  or finding that quiet cove that is all yours;
- If Greek music lifts your heart, and you hate noisy bars competing to be loudest;
- If Greek cooking is more inviting than burgers or pizza on the menu;
- If you make friends with Greek people easily, but want to communicate better;
- If you need your Greek holiday to look forward to and to look back on when life at home becomes dreary or over-stressed ..............
If just some of these are you - you’ll enjoy the Greek-o-Files.
The Greek-o-Files
Readers of The Greek-o-Files say how much they enjoy each book to bring a little Greek sunshine and filoxenia into their lives when they cannot be in their favourite country.  Greek-o-File books are ideal for dipping into, reading from cover to cover AND retaining for future reference. Many enjoy rereading past issues “... I’ve recently reread every copy and they come quite fresh again”  Ron Hill.  

The articles and anecdotes will inform and entertain you, whether you are an armchair traveller, a regular island hopper or someone who has a favourite part of Greece and friends you keep returning to. The Greek-o-Files may give you ideas for where to go next, or recall happy moments and similar incidents that give you a warm feeling just thinking about them. Practical advice is offered for people who would like to spend more time in Greece, retire there or buy a holiday home, and anecdotes of others’ experiences may forewarn you of potential difficulties and the joys you can sample in the ‘real’ Greece of the Greeks.  As another reviewer saidIt’s a total Greek Experience”.
We hope you decide to share the Greek-o-File experience.

Greek-o-File books are compilations of all new, illustrated articles (about 50 per book) in 192-page paperback format.  The Greek-o-File Vol. 1 published Nov 2002, Vol. 2 Oct 2003, Vol. 3 Oct 2004,  Vol. 4 Oct 2005, Vol. 5 Oct 2006, Vol 6 Nov 2007, Vol 7 Nov 2008, Vol 8 April 2010  - all available direct from Greek-o-File & some bookshops, plus special ‘Last of the Summer Retsina (now out of print).   Greek-o-File originally started as a quarterly subscription magazine late in 1998, 15 loose leaf issues were published to June 2002 (now available at offer prices).  Some books are now converted to eBooks. Order your books now plus Images of Greece Notecards direct from Greek-o-File.
Many of our readers became contributors to share their experiences with like minded people.  For a taster of contributors’ articles published in The Greek-o-Files see Extracts from Greek-o-File Articles.  

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